Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Ecosocialism or Barbarism is the best introduction I’ve found"

We've had great praise from Climate and Capitalism, in its review of the best books available for red greens:

Ecosocialism or Barbarism is the best introduction I’ve found for radicals and Marxists who want to get up to speed fast on issues facing the ecosocialist movement. The essays and articles are well written, with a minimum of abstract theorizing and a laudable focus on the need to change the world, not just interpret it.
The book is now our best-seller on

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Resistance expands list with six new books

Resistance Books has agreed to produce six further books, most of which will be out between now and our AGM in September. We'd welcome readers' comments on how we should prioritize them.
  • Take the power to change the world. A expanded version of an ebook produced by the IIRE.
  • Permanent Revolution and Results and Prospects. Pathfinder Press deserve kudos for keeping this book in print for so long: the volumes they sell of it must have been very small and so it's no surprise they have decided to drop it from their list. An excellent version has been prepared by Kunal Chattopadhyay. We hope to have more modern translation than that 1931 edition, and with essays by Michael Lowy to introduce both these classic works.
  • Expanded edition of Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads. Ron Ridenour's books has sold well, and Fidel's illness has inspired Ron to expand his book (out in May).
  • Foundations of Christianity. This is a classic Marxist work by Karl Kautsky, one of the most famous defenders of socialist ideas in the years before the First World War.
  • Militant Carworkers is a condensed version of Alan Thornett's personal and political account of the struggle and betrayal of workers in Cowley, one of the car industry's most radical workforces, in the 1960s and 1970s. This book brings together From Militancy to Marxism and Inside Cowley (which is available online).
  • Trade Unions: A strategy for socialists builds on an earlier work written by Andy Kilmister and Alan Thornett in 1997. This book faces the current challenges faced by working people in the context of the employers' offensive and Blair's attacks on the right to organise. It advances the strategy and demands needed to build the unions and connect up with the wiser radicalisation.
Let us know what you think!