Tuesday, June 05, 2007

'Permenant Revolution' back in general distribution

In July we'll also be publishing Leon Trotsky's The Permanent Revolution in a new edition. It will combine Results and Prospects, where the theory of permanent revolution was first explored. Both works are introduced by major essays by Michael Lowy.

We've also taken the time to update the translation a little: readers should not have to cope with old-fashioned term, such as milliard (the old term for what we now call billion).

Now that pathfinder has taken the book off their list, we hope this bright design, new typesetting and modern introductions bring this look to a new audience.


Karl-Marx-Straße said...

Is there any chance that you could list the ISBNs of these? Are they available through normal bookshops (and via which distributors)? I'm particuarly interested in Kautsky.

Liam Mac Uaid said...

The Kautsky book is still in production. It should be out in a week or two.

Karl-Marx-Straße said...

And the ISBNs of the other two? Who's the distributor?

Chris Brooks said...

You can order these books through any bookshop using the ISBNs. retailers can get the book from Ingram, the world's largest distributor.