Friday, August 10, 2007

Book list: ISBNs, authors and prices

With the ISBN numbers given below, you can find our books in any bookstore. The prices shown below were the lowest available new prices on Amazon when we last checked.

9780902869936, Foundations of Christianity: A study in Christian origins, Karl Kautsky. $22, £11.
9780902869943, Take the Power to Change the World: globalisation and the debate on power, Phil Hearse. $12, £6.
9780902869929, The Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects, Leon D Trotsky. $20, £9.
9780902869950, Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads. New Expanded Edition, Ron Ridenour. $14, £9.
9780902869967, MIDDLE EAST: war, imperialism, and ecology, Gilbert Achcar. $26, £13.
0902869973, Ecosocialism or Barbarism, Jane Kelly. $14, £7.
0902869981, Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads (First edition) Ron Ridenour. $11, £6.
9780902869998, It's never too late to love or rebel, Celia Hart. $11, £6.

All our books are printed on archive-quality acid-free paper. Most are demy octavo, the regular paperback size. Karl Kautsky's book is textbook sized (Crown Octavo).

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