Friday, June 23, 2006

Book arrives soon; please pre-buy!

Our printers have just confirmed that Celia Hart's book will soon arrive from the printers. The cover photo, used with the generous permission of Michael Hopwood, makes the proof copy look fantastic. We can't wait to see the 'real' book.

However, the publication of the book involves a real investment, both politically and financially, and we are keen to get the book into people's hands as quickly as possible.

A large part of the first batch will be going abroad, including copies for the José Martí National Library of Cuba, to our friends at CubaNews, for the offices of the Communist Party of Cuba's central committee and for the International Institute for Research and Education.

Copies of the books are also being donated to the major reference libraries in Britain and Ireland: the Bodleian Library, Oxford; the University Library, Cambridge; the National Library of Scotland; the Library of Trinity College, Dublin; the National Library of Wales and the British Library.

Of course, copies will also be sent to radical bookshops and major distributors.

However, all of this means that little revenue is generated by the first batch of books -- especially since the major book distributors take most of the cover price for themselves.

At the dayschool on June 24th, readers will have the opportunity to buy the book at a hefty prepublication discount. We recommend that everyone take us up on the offer, not the least so we can afford to rapidly shift out the whole batch of books.

P.S. The book finally arrived on 14th July. It looks great, and most of the first printing has alread been shipped out, so send in your order soon to get your copy!

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