Saturday, July 15, 2006

No need to scribble down our contact details

From next month Resistance Books will be able to supply supporters with 'business cards'. These are useful for passing out contact details on to people who we meet at our bookstalls. It's especially good to give people the web addresses for our free monthly email update, and for our website.

Click on the picture of the card to see a larger image.

To get your cards, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Resistance Books, PO Box 1109, London, N4 2UU. As well as your envelope, include one loose first class stamp for each packet of 25 cards.

If you want to order 250 cards then you can select your own text; for example you could add a local contact number and email address. Send us your own text, plus a cheque for £3.50 payable to Resistance.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

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