Saturday, July 22, 2006

Distribution coming in Netherlands and Australia

We've had more good news today from friends on other countries who want to help Celia's book get wider distribution.

From Amsterdam, José has written to order a bundle of books, adding that two bookshops there have agreed to take the book. We'll add their details when the books are on the shelves.

In Sydney, we've had news today that our namesake, Resistance Books, will also be taking some copies of the book. We distribute quite a few of their affordable Marxist books and pamphlets here in Britain, and it's great to have their support in bringing Celia's ideas to a wider audience.

If you're in Britain and want to get hold of any of their books, let us know. We can keep down your postage costs, and allow you to pay in pounds. I am an especially big fan of their 'Resistance Marxist Library' and their books on Cuba (£6), the environment (£9) and on Marxist economics (£3).

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