Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Second printing for Celia's book

The response to Celia Hart's book has been so positive that only six copies remain from the first printing.

The second printing will arrive on Monday next week, in time for copies to be taken to the International Revolutionary Youth Camp.

We're making two slight changes to the second printing. In the first printing, citations of Leon Trotsky were translated from the Spanish; in the second printing we have checked these against the translations from the most commonly used English editions of Trotsky's works (It doesn't make a substantial difference, but it makes it easier for people wanting to consult the full texts). We have also increased the type size a little in the second printing: there's a growing fashion for larger type in books, especially in the US, and we want to reduce the barriers that might exist to win wider distribution.

With the second printing, we will also be asking bookshops and distributors to handle the book. We'd appreciate your help on that point: if you can recommend distributors or bookshops in your country or city, then we will follow up with them. Just drop us an email at [resistance at sent dot com].

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